Who are we?

Learn who we are?

ornament1Darul Jailani is dedicated to bring awareness and promote the teachings of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani, popularly known throughout the Muslim world as the Sultan of Saints. Through his teachings, which are based on…

Our mission

ornament1The mission of Al-Wariseen is to raise and distribute funds to programs that relate to the teachings and understanding of Islam, Civic and Community, Education, Humanities, Health and Human Services.

Our history

ornament1Established and launched on 28th April 2007 in  conjunction with the celebration of Maulidur Rasul of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and Maulud of Al Imam Al Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Gailani R.A. at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Al-Wariseen is a private and charitable trust that aims to be involved in the charitable activities not covered by normal government welfare schemes

What we do?

ornament1Activities include helping the weak and unfortunate by providing grants or donations. These include channeling the funds for disaster relief, education scholarship, building of mosques or suraus, medical treatment to those who cannot afford it, supporting organizations that are …

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